King of the forest

Safe and reliable load solutions for the forestry industry.

The forest is our second home.

For Kilafors hauliers, no one job is the same as another. To be able to handle the variety involved in all these different environments, we continuously improve our designs and material, so as to meet the requirements of tomorrow. Each day we hear new stories of how our hauliers have dealt with difficult situations in extreme locations, as well as stories of beautiful mornings deep inside the forests with freshly brewed coffee poured ready to drink. These are the contrasts that drive us forward.

Narrow roads, thick forests and high mountains.

För Kilafors-åkare är inget arbetspass det andra likt. För att klara av variationen av alla olika miljöer gör vi ständigt förbättringar på konstruktioner och material för att klara morgondagens krav. Varje dag hör vi nya historier om hur våra åkare har klarat av svåra situationer på extrema platser, men också historier om vackra morgnar, djupt inne i skogarna, med nybryggt morgonkaffe upphällt. Det är kontrasterna som driver oss framåt.

Designs that endure over time.

Trailers from Kilafors have to experience a lot. This is why the basic design is the most important aspect. We use rolled steel from SSAB which is subjected to extreme tests before being used in production. Our trailers also undergo quality assurance in our test centre in Kilafors. With us, you get a Swedish quality trailer that will last.


The most extensive product range on the market.


For unique assignments in the Nordic climate.

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Everyone wants to be part of something, including us. The advantage we have is that we have a firm foundation to build on. Kilafors was founded in 1960 by Sweden’s haulage companies, and from the outset it was clear what we wanted to achieve. Together we aimed to produce the best products, specially adapted to the harsh, Nordic climate and ensure that we could all benefit from each other’s expertise and experience.


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