Safe and reliable load solutions for the forestry industry.

Continuous deliveries of renewable energy.

The changeover from fossil fuels to renewable energy in the heating supply business has a major impact on the Swedish climate. From a situation where they contributed to global warming, fossil fuel carbon dioxide emissions have been reduced to almost zero in many places as a result of this changeover. There are currently more than 500 remote heating networks around Sweden. Heating plants are continually dependent on shipments of fuel woodchip and other combustible material.

World leader.

If you are a haulier of woodchip you are working in an industry of the future. Bioenergy comprises some very competitive solutions to our energy needs in terms of electricity, heat production and vehicle fuel. Because of our affinity with the forest, Sweden is at the cutting edge of renewable energies. We have huge opportunities of becoming a world leader in an area of expertise everyone is going to need


Ease of handling.

It goes without saying that we at Kilafors want products that contribute to a sustainable society. Together with you as haulier, we want to create effective transport solutions for biofuels. Our solutions are built on our proven chassis with carefully conceived woodchip containers, resulting in ease of handling and safe shipments.


A woodchip concept from Kilafors.

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Everyone wants to be part of something, including us. The advantage we have is that we have a firm foundation to build on. Kilafors was founded in 1960 by Sweden’s haulage companies, and from the outset it was clear what we wanted to achieve. Together we aimed to produce the best products, specially adapted to the harsh, Nordic climate and ensure that we could all benefit from each other’s expertise and experience.


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