Time is not always money.

Trailers made by Kilafors are built for long life; we even have customers who have been using their trailer for more than two decades. But a time will come when you will have to replace it.

Sustainable Ownership.

Running a profitable haulage business is like assembling a jigsaw puzzle where all the pieces have to be in the right place. We do our best to help you make smart decisions and opt for effective solutions when choosing a trailer. There is a lot to think about. The trailer must be able to withstand long trips, deal with all kinds of weather, be made of the right material and, of course, have all the functions required for it to be effective at work. When something unexpected happens, it is important that the problem can be dealt with quickly, so that downtimes are kept as short as possible. Furthermore, if the decision to replace a trailer is taken at the correct time it will save quite a bit of money.

Follow the construction process.

At Kilafors we talk about sustainable ownership. We help create the ultimate trailer and let you be present throughout the entire construction process. To be certain that the trailer is of the highest quality, our technicians review and test all parts and functions, thereby ensuring we deliver a perfect product. Once the trailer is subsequently delivered, we review all detailed aspects and make sure you are completely satisfied.

Your trailer will have to withstand a lot of challenges.

Over the years you may experience a lot of different things, and the stresses on your trailer will be considerable. So everyone who owns a trailer from Kilafors has the option of signing up to our NonStop Agreement which allows you to bring in the trailer for service and overhaul by us or one of our national partners.

When things go belly up.

Unfortunately, things sometimes happen that you can’t control. To minimise downtimes, we quickly help you get back on the road again. If you contact us, we will guide you to the nearest service facility or make sure someone comes out to where you are.

TIREBOSS – Tyre pressure monitoring

Kilafors Industrier is the general agent in the Nordic market for TireBoss, the tyre pressure monitoring system.

Trucks and trailers often have tyre pressure that is too high, which causes damage to roads, tyres and vehicles. TireBoss prevents this and extends the lifespan of tyres and materials. TireBoss reduces the tyre pressure, which provides a longer contact surface and thus distributes the load over a larger area.

With a TireBoss control unit in the cab, the driver can see the current pressure, whether the speed limit is being exceeded, punctures and any excessively high tyre pressures (development of heat).

TireBoss provides huge gains for haulage contractors, drivers, road maintenance operators and carriers.

Contact our sales representatives for more information on TireBoss.

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Everyone wants to be part of something, including us. The advantage we have is that we have a firm foundation to build on. Kilafors was founded in 1960 by Sweden’s haulage companies, and from the outset it was clear what we wanted to achieve. Together we aimed to produce the best products, specially adapted to the harsh, Nordic climate and ensure that we could all benefit from each other’s expertise and experience.


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