Heavier loads and more of them.

Sweden is growing increasingly by the day. Roads, rail network, parks and properties are the most important components in creating sustainable communities. Trailers from Kilafors have been part of this development for decades. Together we ensure the efficient removal of earth and facilitate the haulage of material. We contribute to the Sweden of tomorrow.

The road network, already comprising more than 200,000 kilometres, is to become still bigger.

It’s certainly good to be in an industry that is growing. Today we have a very extensive and well-developed road network of no less than 214,800 km, which is growing year on year. New projects are being planned every day, and billions are being invested to continue developing one of the world’s best and most modern road networks.

Mile after mile.

At Kilafors we think holistically. It is important to have products that are durable over time and minimise unnecessary downtimes. Our products are designed to deal with anything the Swedish climate can throw at them and we work continuously on finding smarter and more effective solutions. With our unique beam design, you can feel safe. We help you drive longer and with heavier loads.



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